Why Natural Potential Body Blends?


    The inspiration for my products comes from love and nurturing. From time to time you have to improvise with what is available to you. My daughter has suffered from asthma and eczema since the age of...well, as long as I can remember! Steroids were always the first “go to” for curing her acute flare ups. Anyone knows using these products for any length of time is not good. I got to thinking one day, "Hey! I'm already making foot scrubs for the spa. Why not make products for the whole body." With more research of natural remedies, I’ve created a product line that will exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, and cut down on the eczema to give relief. It’s called Natural Potential Body Blends!

    Devona Gordon is a successful entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. A native of Chicago, Devona is a certified nail technician, consultant, devoted wife, and mother of three. She is an exceptional educator in the beauty industry and has worked with a host of beauty product companies. Throughout her career, Devona has learned that through hard work, dedication, and a “personal touch,” excellent achievement in work, and in life, are inevitable.